Your Vibe attracts your Tribe

Having customers if you want to run a successful & profitable business is good. In fact, it's kinda necessary if you want to ... ya know ... STAY in business....

But what if you're attracting the WRONG type of customers? Working with people who don't understand your personality, don't value your talents and drain you emotionally is like running through the rain without an umbrella right after you just blow dried your hair!

Ain't nobody got time for all that ... basically what I'm saying is, attracting the WRONG type of customer can be a real downer even if you LOVE your business! So you might be wondering ... well then how the WORLD can I attract the RIGHT type of shopper?! Better yet, how can I attract my DREAM spender?

Don't worry, I've got you covered. Sit down & get ready for a wild ride, because here's how to attract your dream Shopper. Ready. Set. Go!

1. Figure out who your dream Shopper is.

Alright Sunshine here goes my wise words of wisdom... this might sound a bit obvious but it's also one of the most important steps in attracting your dream customer! You need to know WHO exactly you're trying to attract before you can attract them. Grab a sheet of paper and write down their basic demographics like age range (Lularoe is perfect from Birth-death, right?), gender ( we have the ROEBROS covered in so many ways now. Yay!), where they live, etc. Location definitely applies if you are trying to expand your customer base, looking to grow your T.E.A.M., & heck the most obvious if you want to Pop-up in a new & untouched area. Don't forget to be specific and write down things about their personality, interests, their current job ... get creative! In fact, profiling your dream customer is much like profiling your ideal hostess, so how about getting fancy & create a survey for your followers? I know I am stating the obvious but surveys are also a super handy way to gather information, wink wink. There are several ways to do this. With Wordpress you can use a plugin,  survey site online, or creating a poll on Facebook.

2. Be yourself.

Want to attract people who actually enjoy your personality, share your Lularoe style, and just think that you're (in general) the bomb diggity? Then you need to BE YOURSELF. Completely. Share your real interests and passions, embrace and show your real quirks, tell your own unique story ... do ya feel me? When I first started Lularoe in 2014 I wasn't quite sure WHO I was, to be honest! I had kind of lost who I was, you know having babies & all can really damper your passion for ALL THE THINGS. I was feeling "fluffy" & super depressed but I knew Lularoe was going to change all that. I really had to push myself outside my comfort zone, past all the postpartdumn (mentally), & remember that I could do anything I put my mind to.  However, after a couple months I saw my hard work coming to fruition and I saw the "old" me reappearing. Man, did that feel good.  My business is a direct reflection of who I was, who I am, & who I have become. I haven't strayed from my mission & I truly believe my customers/shoppers appreciate & respect that. 

3. Create your own Brand Identity

Oh yes, having a strong brand identity that represents 'Numero Uno' is a MUST! It's what will make you memorable and STAND OUT from the other 25k Lularoe owners across the country! Plus, building a brand around your personality, passions, vision will most definitely  attract the right type of hostesses & customers. Remember your VIBE attracts your TRIBE so find your focus & get ready to make BANK.

Your brand isn't just your logo and visual elements (like colors and fonts.) It's YOU, and how people FEEL about you. It includes the visual things like your logo, colors, fonts and graphic elements, as well as the non-visual things like your voice, the experience you create for people, your goals, etc. I need you to visualize how others see you...are you a leader, a trend setter, someone who takes amazing pictures? As a Lularoe business owner what are you bringing to the table that is different from others? Why should any Lulaaddict shop with you vs. another owner who carries similar items? Are you making each and every shopping experience 100% glorious? If not, now is the time to change that!


4. Use specific words. #hashtags

How do you describe your vibe? Funky, energetic, Creative? Stylish, BOHO? Think about the words that you'd use, you fashion-forward, trendy LulaLovies!!!  Once you come up with your descriptive words for your business & shoppers, sprinkle them all over social media when you post! In your tagline, #fancypants. Basically every time I post on social media I describe how Lularoe has changed my life in some way shape or form (#becauseofLularoe) get deep, your customers and followers will respect you. 

5. Be relatable.

Being relatable is all about building a connection and relationship with your tribe. Make a genuine connection is really important in being relatable when it comes to the law of attraction.

Another good way to be relatable? When you are posting on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat visualize speaking to just one person, dig deep & get personal, even if it's going out to 10,000 people, pretend you're talking to ONE person only.

Preferably your bestie <3

6. Be Genuine.

Before you post something on social media, before you write an email asking one of your shoppers to be your next Hostess, think THEIR needs and interests! How would whatever you're about to do or post be helpful or interesting to them? Why would they care about it? Does it give them any value or entertainment? If your answer is "uhhhhhh ..." then maybe you should just NOT.


It is better to NOT post anything then post something that has zero relevance to anyone reading.