Because Of Lularoe


Guest Blog Post by Brooke Balderson~

Reflecting today on my amazing long weekend at LuLaRoe Leadership training in California and what this last year with the company has brought me. When I decided to take the leap and join LuLaRoe, I assumed I'd make a little extra money that would ease the burden a bit of being a teacher and a single mom...

Because of LuLaRoe, in less than a month, I will walk out of school and my teaching career to focus on LuLaRoe full time. 

Because of LuLaRoe, I will replace and exceed my full time income and take care of my family  working from my home.

Because of LuLaRoe, I will be able to take my son out of daycare.

Because of LuLaRoe, I can drive my son to preschool next fall and help out in his classroom.

Because of LuLaRoe, I wake up excited to do my "job." 

Because of LuLaRoe, I get to help women feel empowered.

Because of LuLaRoe, I have met thousands of women and helped them to find their inner and outer beauty. 

Because of LuLaRoe, I found myself again in the midst of my "mom" identity.

Because of LuLaRoe, I love the way I look and feel no matter what the weight says on the scale.

Because of LuLaRoe, I love my life.

Because of LuLaRoe, I've met amazing #girlbosses that challenge and push me to be better and comfort me when I trip myself up along the way. 

Because of LuLaRoe, I have become more of a leader than I ever imagined and have built a team of 30+ amazing and like-minded women. 

If you've been thinking about this dream job and what it could mean for your family, please reach out and let us help you! We've each got big dreams for ourselves and all the amazing ladies on our teams. Let us help you achieve your dreams too!