Need a Boost?

There’s nothing like those early days of setting up your own business. The days when you fully embrace ‘Living Your Story’ and jump in with such optimism and more than a little bit of hesitation. I’m sure you remember those days when you happily worked your Lularoe business 24/7, around the clock because you were so pumped about how amazing it’ll be and how it would totally take your business to the next level. When you spent every waking minute thinking about the next step and hated it when you had to do something else, like pay attention to your kids LOL, when all you wanted to do was Live & Love Lularoe.
After all your hard work you find your groove and start feeling like an ‘established’ business owner. AMEN.

And then something happens, the market changes (multi-consultant online parties), new people you don’t recognise start making waves, new technologies (Shop the Roe or What Did I Sell) and new marketing methods (Facebook Pages for future Lularoe Consultants) pop up faster than you can keep up. So you keep learning, you keep trying to keep up. At some point, all that new knowledge makes you feel like you are drowning. There’s so much you didn’t even know you didn’t know before, which means there’s still probably an infinity of stuff you’re yet to learn out there, and it can all feel a bit, well, intimidating. My current situation, truth.
There may come a point, where your whole business, the same one that so inspired you at the beginning, turns into a big scary responsibility you feel you’re not equipped to deal with. 
Don’t worry, this feeling happens to all of us especially those of us who prefer to work on our own without a business partner to bounce ideas off of and put worries into perspective. This is the life of being a Small Business Owner you are in the drivers seat so you decide your destiny.
When you feel like your business has taken on a life of its own, and you’d rather hide and ignore it all, it really helps to get back to basics. To start taking small actionable steps that will make you remember that it is you steering your business. You are able and capable of running this thing.

Here are 10 things you can do right now in order to feel more in control again. (research found online)


Write down all your ideas and to-do’s and organize them into an annual calendar, you know that amazing Lularoe calendar you bought go put it to work. Getting that stuff out of your head and into an actionable form will instantly make you feel like you are running things again.

Do the same with your inbox. Reply to all the urgent message, develop a system for dealing with emails more efficiently, and signup for in order to clear your inbox of all the distractions. It is important you sit down at your computer & set up auto replies for your business email this will allow you more time to answer your customers without feeling overwhelmed along with setting business hours.


Shoot out a few emails to past customers to see how they are doing, ask a friend on our team out for lunch or coffee so you can regroup. Sometimes it’s reassuring to know that even though you might work in your PJ’s without seeing a soul for most of the time, you are connected to people who either benefit from what you do or understand what you’re going through. On a side note it is IMPORTANT to shower, get dressed, & make your bed when you work from home it gives you a sense of purpose & sets the vibe of the day.


Not all Facebook groups and forums are created equally. While there might be a lot of valuable information in the ones you frequent, make sure the vibe and the active people resonate with you. Sometimes a fast-moving super active group can add to your stress rather than help you with your overwhelm. If you’re an introvert and a regular at an extrovert-heavy group, it’s no wonder you can start feeling like you’re not up to scratch! You have to acknowledge the fact that you move at a different speed, and find the people who match that.


Whether you put together a styled photoshoot or even your own creative event, being in charge of something that completely fulfils your creative vision can be super invigorating and empowering. Don’t let someone else dictate your life the feeling of being overwhelmed usually stems from feeling like you have to adhere to someone else’s standards or idea of creativity, so when you get to decide on all the elements (and people involved) on your own, you will feel completely on top of your creative game again.


The most important role that a mentor has, is to be a safe place where you are able to say ‘I don’t know this’, and trust that you’ll be 100% supported and not judged. Your mentor will be able to offer you a different viewpoint on the problems your facing, support you with the practicalities of implementing things, and help you work on a strategy that allows you to spring forward with confidence.


You might have even skipped putting together a business plan altogether in the heady days of setting up your business, which would be an obvious cause for your overwhelm right now. But even if you do have one knocking about in a drawer somewhere, refreshing your business plan regularly will get you back on course and help you focus. A business plan you create solely for your own use can help spark new ideas, energise you, and provide you with actionable steps to move forward. Gold dust.


There are so many amazingly fun idea-generation techniques around that can help you unlock all sorts of magical things that your brain has stored up. Utilise them! There’s no better feeling than coming up with an idea that sparks pure joy inside of you, or even solves multiple problems you’ve been struggling with at once.


It’s so important to allow yourself enough time to recharge. Especially if you’re on the introverted side, you owe yourself that quiet time or else you know you’ll be useless. Don’t think of it as laziness, but rather a necessary practice that allows you to be at your best. Take a nap once in a while to help get those creative juices flowing.


One of the biggest causes of overwhelm is not know what your clients think. When you don’t know what they think, you automatically start fearing for the worst, which adds to your feelings of not being in control. So, ask them! On your VIP page request feedback, do regular surveys, and always add a call to action at the bottom of your Facebook posts . There’s nothing better than to hear back from the people who value what you do, it really makes it all worthwhile.


It’s fine, you don’t have to make a blog post about them, or even share them with anyone if that makes you feel uncomfortable. Just make a list for yourself of all the things you’ve overcome and achieved since you set up your business. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve learned and how many amazing things you’ve put out into the world. You did it. Own it. It’s your business and you’re in charge.

Take a Deep Breath it is all good!!