My So-Called Crazy LulaLife!

Hey LuLaLovers! My name is Amanda and I’m your guest blogger today! 

I want to chat with you today about goals. I don’t know about you, but springtime, warm weather and the feeling of new beginnings makes me want to make goals and to-do lists and get things done!  

Since starting my own small business last fall I have realized the extra time I would normally spend on taking time for “me” has been spent (as my daughters say), “LuLaRoeing”.  You know how people who have kids say, “I don’t even remember what I did with my free time before I had kids!”? Well I feel like I don’t remember what I did with my free time before LuLaRoe!  Lately, whether it’s preparing a week’s worth of Facebook posts in advance, planning Pop-Ups, photographing new inventory or prepping and mailing packages, I have chosen to spend my free time working to grow my business and make it better and I thoroughly enjoy it! The thing is, I miss doing the things I did before LuLaRoe. I miss being obsessed with getting my daily workout in, going for a run, refinishing that piece of furniture I bought, organizing and decorating our home, gardening, playing baby dolls and tea party and pretend. I probably need to take a course in time-management! I’m just used to living my life 100mph at all times. As a busy working mom of two I always tend to put everyone else’s needs before my own-raise your hand if you can relate with that! My Mom always tells me I take on too much at once (then she asks me if me if I’m remembering to take my vitamins-which I somehow can’t even find the time to do lately!). But you know what? I want it all! I want to be able to juggle multiple priorities, shuttle my babies from Brownies to gymnastics, to a play date then come home, help with homework, make dinner, spend time with the Hubs, and run a successful business.  I’ve made every excuse in the book as to why I put myself on the back burner but this month I’m getting’ back to “me”. Why? Because I’ve realized that when I take time for myself and work on “me”, I’m happier, I’m nicer, I’m more patient, I show more grace, I’m a better Mom, wife, daughter and most of all… I just plain feel better! Besides, summer is coming (and the LuLaRoe Convention!) and I want to start it off feeling my best…rested, fit, healthy and with some more pep in my step! Who’s with me? Let’s do this together!

I’ve created some goals for us-not just fitness related but things that are just “good for us”.  Here are just a few ideas:

-Create a daily routine to take your daily vitamin (this one is for you Mom!)

-Substitute the soda you may drink for water

-Limit the amount of caffeine you drink to maybe just one cup of coffee in the morning

-Sit down for dinner with your family and be completely unplugged-no checking the phone and turn off the television. Pay attention to each other. We sometimes go around the table and talk about the “Peak” (the best part) of our day and the “Pit” (the worst part) of our day. Engage with your family, listen with grace and patience to the words your kids are saying. Hear their sweet voices and take it all in!

-Go to bed an hour early

-Cut sugar and simple carbs out of your day (think cookies, ice cream and potato chips) (it’s amazing how lethargic sugar and simple carbs can make you feel!)

-Take 10 minutes of quiet, reflective time before you jump into your day. Whether you pray or meditate or stretch.

-Get outside and go for a walk, a jog or to play with the kids-just get moving!

-And the BEST thing you can do for yourself each day? Wear a piece of LuLaRoe clothing-guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you feel beautiful and amazing!

Maybe if we incorporate a few of these things over the next few days and weeks they’ll become habit and you’ll wonder how you ever did without your new “goal”!

I’m going to share my weekly goals with you on my Facebook page an Instagram and I encourage you to follow along! Yikes! This is really going to keep me accountable. I have a few personal goals in mind for myself so follow along and see how I’m doing!

Remember, living a life you love begins with loving who you are. Be the best version of yourself you can! You’re worth it!


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