I am lularoe

Wondering how I became involved with LuLaRoe? It all started with a simple picture of a dress on Instagram.

I remember finally buying an iPhone & my hubs telling me I needed to download IG and start following “people/businesses” so I just went to town clicking on pictures that were visually appealing. Then, by the grace of God, I came across a picture of the Amelia dress. I instantly fell in love so I started investigating; who created this dress & where on earth could I purchase it? I quickly realized I couldn’t buy this dress in a store which was intriguing; if I wanted this dress I had to host a “pop-up” so without thinking twice I emailed this unknown company, LuLaRoe, & waited for a reply.

Fast forward a couple of weeks in my chaotic life, I came across another post on IG by LuLaRoe saying “Host a Pop-up, earn FREE clothes!” Say what????  I hadn’t heard back about MY party yet. The wheels were spinning...I knew the reason no one contacted me was because there was NO ONE to contact me! Ummm HELLO OPPORTUNITY! So I took action. picked up the phone & called LuLaRoe myself.  Twenty minutes later, a personal conversation with DeAnne who is the founder of LuLaRoe, & a PayPal friends and family transfer of $2120, it was official: I became the 153rd owner in LuLaRoe!

A week later, 356 Maxi skirts arrived & it was time to hit the ground running. I had contacted every magazine, TV station, and festival in the state of Maryland, it seemed like. I knew I wanted to make a huge splash so I didn’t waste time waiting for people to come to me. I worked my new small business every day to everyone I came in contact with. I scheduled Pop-ups in every location I could think of where women gather: gyms, salons, restaurants, & homes. I worked 7 days a week, in addition to my full-time career in the Health Care industry.  Man, I was exhausted, but I knew deep down LuLaRoe was going to be successful as long as I was dedicated.

Networking was crucial for my success as I NEVER asked my friends to host a Pop-up in the beginning. I knew they would support me, regardless, so my plan was to expand outside my inner circle first.  Traveling was necessary; I spent lots of time on the road driving to Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, Georgia, & New York.  My ultimate goal was to spread my love of LuLaRoe to every woman I came in contact with and I wasn’t stopping until I accomplished my goal.

Being the first owner on the east coast has been life changing, but it didn’t happen over night. I had a plan and stuck to it, worked extremely hard, and even though not every day was easy, I had an open mind and used the bumps in the road as a learning experience.

Two years later, my business is thriving & I have one of the most successful teams in all of LuLaRoe. Team Like A Boss has over 1200 women making their dreams come true, by creating financial freedom for their families.

The icing on the cake: LuLaRoe is Simply Comfortable & beyond adorable!